Solidarity with lucy, raped by a fascist !

« Salope de gauchiste, pute d’antifa » (“Leftist bitch, antifascist whore“)

This is what the rapist told Lucie, our militant comrade, as as he raped her, on August 9, 2013, on the street when she going home after a night with her friends.

In order to protect our comrade, we are going to keep her identity anonymous. We will not be offering any names, or places, or localities, and we ask for our choice to be respected.

This was clearly a targeted attack against an anti-fascist activist whose goal was to break the development of an anti-fascist activity in its city ​​destroying her. This failed twice. It was also a message to all the anti-fascist activists who live in France. 

It is her choice to denounce the crime of which she was a victim and this choice is another evidence of her exemplary courage which we salute. Our comrade will remain with scars which she will carry for the rest of her life.

A rape is a crime. A rape committed by a fascist, driven by political motivations, is a fascist and sexist crime.

We reaffirm our solidarity with the victims of the violence and the crimes committed by fascists all over the world, crimes to which the French state is in solidarity with and it is accomplice to them.

The Army has made a specialty of exporting its know-how against insurgency, the French state has never shied away from mass crimes, particularly against women, to keep the populations of the countries they dominate under the imperialist yoke. We reaffirm our solidarity with the victims of fascist repression in the French state and with their comrades; this fascist repression went that far as to murder in 2013.

We have nothing to be ashamed of. Shame is there to keep us quiet. No survivor can be held responsible for the barbarism of the capitalist and patriarchal system. Their mixture is the one which should be in shame.
This is a message of solidarity to all victims of gender-based attacks. We refuse to degrade the survivors of sexual violence. By being victims, they are our comrades in our struggles. Their aggressors are those who are dirty and must be degraded.

It took us more than a year to denounce a fascist crime…

It took us over a year to make public this fascist crime. The body of our comrade is not a battlefield. Her material and moral safety were our priorities. To protect her, we have to struggle against the reactionary attitudes of those who talked about it in our political entourage and against the demoralizing effects which followed the fascist attack.

As an organization, we are have no illusions about bourgeois democracy. The fascist police repression is a risk that we assume that we have already had to overcome. Each repressive episode we experienced strengthened our resilience, and our determination. Our comrade is an example of resilience, survival, that everyone should salute.

We are ever more determined to bring down the capitalist system whose fascist violence is a symptom of more complete decay. We are ever more willing to break the shackles of sexual oppression. The will to win, the desire to fight, and we hope that the facts that we’ll expose will strengthen you as well.
This is our disobedience to the bourgeois mass movement’s directions and instructions from the authorities; we want to be increasingly harmful for them.

Strengthen women’s involvement in anti-fascism

Fascist and sexist ideology go hand in hand. When they attack our militants, fascists conventionally try to primarily get to the men in our organizations and in our community. Threatening to rape, sexually assault or rape a militant or the girlfriend of an anti-fascist activist, as Virginia Despentes writes, “I snatched a kiss from your girl.” This is because they consider it is their “property” and they wish to degrade and thereby deprive our comrades of any space of retreat and security, break their morale. It is rape of war.

When you expose this fascist show to anyone, to the fascist police, the attackers think they can do whatever they want to the women they are not owned by anyone, but you must put up a fight against them. Show them how, in solidarity, in mixed or single-sex, they are dangerous.

IMG-358-a1ff5-4db94Grubbing sailing aggression against veiled women, police and fascists are sexist and racist acts. Snatch a veil is a molestation, often lined with physical or sexual violence. The state and governments do their best to exclude women veiled in public space, by law, by a relentless propaganda, promote rejection and violence.
This is reducing women to a reproductive tool that s’ Addressing non-white and mixed couples. In the imagination of the reactionary, it is through the belly of the women pass the “great alternative” to “crossbreed the white race.”

Valuing antifascist commitment of women is not only a place for them in the anti-fascist organizations, but also carries the fight against racism and Islamophobia, practicable and slogans resolutely focused the popular classes.

Look at the barbarism of capitalist society in the face and keep the ranks close 

What our comrade went through forced us to look in the eyes of the barbarism of the capitalist system. We can not claim to be revolutionaries in refusing to face the terrible violence it generates, because we would refuse to see the reality in all its horror, and would mean to deprive us of the fight against violence.

In this society, that leaves behind only individuals tossed by the capitalist system, to cope with stigma and trauma, we need to rebuild the collective and the solidarity. Each comrade in struggle, each proletarian is able to contribute to the fight for the revolution, and to help us build a society free of exploitation and oppression. We do not build the revolution nor socialism trampling on our comrades.

The fight against the influence of sexism in our organizations and our communities

We are in no position to give lessons to anyone about anti-sexism. Delays in our ability to express ourselves publicly are as much the result of factors outside our organization, as an internal reality much more postponed to be addressed than we can admit.

Patriarchal society cracks in everywhere. But our culture and our media are imbued with gender relations. The key is to recognize it, and not to settle for complacency with the oppressors and such keep them comfortable in their role of oppressors. The key is to confront them.
It is not those who expose sexism, racism , Islamophobia, LGBT-phobia that are a threat to our organizations, but exactly these relations of oppression are a threat.

The facts that we denounces are exceptional insofar as it is a political enemy who committed this crime. Rape is a reality endured by the masses, since 150,000 rapes are committed every year in the French state. Rape is a weapon of war used against women. And it’s a war being fought primarily in affinity spaces, since 85% of rapes are committed by people known to the victims.

With each public condemnation of  sexist assaults and of rape we keep breaking the code of silence imposed upon the girls who are victims of rape. This can encourage other women to talk and this for those who do not have a clear conscience posed too big a risk to take. That’s why we had to face the laughter, the hostility, the downplaying of the facts denounced by our comrade in our closed political space. In keeping them silent, one is to make it clear to all of them that they should not speak up.

The impasse of the statist anti-fascism

We would like to point the responsibility of PS in what happened: they left intentionally the reactionary hordes to break in for several months and take the streets of all the French state during the movement against the marriage for all. Also, what was the effect of the measures for the dissolution of fascist groups taken by Manuel Valls? A fascist was allowed to, just after he took these measures, too rape one of our comrades.

It is time for the bourgeoisie to suppress their fascist thugs to which they attributed the mission to impose terror. They belong to the apparatus of repression of the bourgeoisie, same as the police. Vain and destructive in terms of forces is the tactic to go and knock on the doors of prefectures and town halls.
Law and justice erect insuperable barriers in front of the survivors of sexist attacks, they themselves are there so they can maintain the bourgeoisie and patriarchal order.

Anti-fascism does not need to have to look nice, does not need to appeal to the Social Democrats instead. Anti-fascism is not a moral issue, it is a class issue, it is a fight against one of the armed wing of the bourgeoisie and against the divisions it is causing in our ranks. Reactionary ideas are gaining ground. It is up to us to carry on and watch over the practices that restore consciousness, the organization and class solidarity among the proletariat.

That the courage of our comrade is hailed, her words is to transmit you her determination, and her anger, and her will to win.


Confronted with sexist violence and with fascists, build class solidarity! 

Unity and solidarity against the fascists, sexists and rapists, the thugs of the capitalism and of the patriarchy


OCFR 1When I hear ‘police’, it makes me sick, and when I see the reaction to it, it makes me bitter. Why? Because for me, the thugs of Capital, it is them who are my enemies every day, it is they who bludgeon us, kick us, stop us, hit us, arrest us and when sometimes we are angry they kill us too.

The police are not and never will be my ally. I will never stop hating. The bourgeoisie gives them the power to indulge their barbaric impulses.

• Thursday, August 21, 2014, police drag a 51 years old Algerian to evict him and he dies of “asphyxiation”, according to prosecutors … who, a priori, considered his death accidental.
• 21 April 2014, the activists of CREA (Campagne de Réquisition, d’Entraide et d’Autogestion; Campaign of Requisition, Mutual Aid and Self-management) of Tolosa are repressed during the opening of two houses in the neighborhood of Roseraie. When 100 cops surrounded them all of a sudden, they decided to leave on their own to avoid being arrested. It did not matter. Police attacked them with batons, tear gas, stun grenades… An activist of was hit by a rubber bullet in the face, more than half of his facial bones exploded. Four people were arrested and later released.

• On October 31, 2013, a couple was arrested after their emotional reaction, triggered by the verdict of the tribunal Cergy, was violently repressed by police. This couple is a victim of the police and ISMAHENE and they were threatened with rape by the police. Still this couple is charged now with contempt.

• February 6, 2013, in Strasbourg a worker from Arcelor Mittal trying to protest lost an eye after police fired rubber bullets at him.

• December 31, 2011, the police Clermont attacked WISSAM EL-YAMNI, who fell into a coma and later died. No justice has been done to his family.

• In 2010, the Swiss police shoot their machine gun UMUT at a young Kurd man for stealing a car; covered up for the assassins and reppressessed his twin brother, and one of his friends.

• May 9, 2008 in Grasse, ABDELHAKIM AJIMI dies while being interrogated by police. Even though two cops were sentenced to 18 and 24 months in prison, they are still on their jobs.

• That same month, JOSEPH GUERDENER is executed when a cop fired three bullets in his back, as he tried to escape from the police station Draguignan. The Court of Draguignan ruled the victim had committed “an act prescribed or authorized by law or regulations.” Important detail: Joseph was Roma.

Cops are a danger for sex workers, they take advantage of their precarious situation and turn them into their victims, knowing fully well how difficult it will be for them and to call cops in front of a judge.

As a victim, I could say that to complain is a good choice. After all, justice is supposed to work without discrimination. But the reality is quite different.

Here’s why: a fascist activist, Clarmont, gets two years in prison for shooting at militants in flagrante delicto to avoid investigation. Contrast this with the fact that authorities have refused to release a basque militant, BON IRRADI, who suffering from multiple severe plaque sclerosis, against the advice of doctors; he was sentenced for trying to defend the independence of his country and he is languishing in prison with Georges Abdallah. I also think of ZEHRA KURTAY, an activist and Turkish journalist who was released by Turkey for medical treatment following his hunger strike and who was again imprisoned in France for a year and a half. IBAI PENA, antifascist activist who escaped together with his comrades the torture and imprisonment in the Southern Basque Country was extradited by the Foreign Ministry of the French state and was thrown in jail for five long years. On September 14, Enguerrand is to celebrate his birthday while still in jail.

Prisoners who die or are tortured in prison because they rise up against the French, imperialist and racist state, on one side. On the other, the fascist activists and cops who get off with little or no effort because they serve the Capital. I don’t belong to the good side to be defended by the bourgeois justice.

Bourgeois justice, and the French state are our enemies, and we must fight them. The Justice, which does not deserve to be called such, has decided to set free Esteban Morillo, the criminal who murdered Clement Meric. It’s not only injustice, it is also a clear statement that justice is on the side of the fascists and murderers. This decision was a hand extended by the justice to the support of Esteban, who got a licence to commit more violence against anti-fascists militants with impunity. While we, antifascist activists, we are always under surveillance and clubbed.

Rape is a crime punishable by the penal law. But, in reality, there are 150,000 rapes each year, and 198,000 attempted rapes per year. A woman is raped every seven minutes. Yet of all victims only one in 11 presses charges. There were 1,356 convictions for rape in 2010 from 150,000 rapes.

We see what happened when a Canadian was raped by police at a meeting on 36 quai des Orfèvres. The cops do what they want, and their uniforms protect them. Should we leave this to be dealt with by the executioners in uniform? I will not. We must show fascist cops that we fight them and show them what we are. Solidarity is dangerous and hazardous.

So to police brutality, to their racist and colonial policy for harassment and violence endured by the victims of rape and sexual assault during the legal process, to all of this I’m saying “NO.”

No, I will not press charges. 
No, I will not ask for the help of cops. 
No, I don’t look for recognition of my status of victim by the bourgeois justice. 
No, I would not go through violent procedure. 
No, I do not want any of that.

If you ask me to comply, you will de-politicize the crime I suffered. You force me to reduce it to an exclusive relationship between and criminal and myself. The entire society is concerned because I have suffered. I suffered because I defend my antifascist, and communist ideas. I suffered because I reject capitalism, I refuse to see my streets overrun by fascists, because I stand in solidarity with the workers of the world, and the militant fighters for freedom.

I refuse to repeat the atrocities I’ve been through in front judges, attorneys, the lawyers, and all bourgeois and gender-based clan that will try to find the spot that can blur the suffering and press it. I refuse to talk to people who will try to see if I was able to experience pleasure during the rape. Because no, I did not at any time experienced the pleasure, I just reached the pinnacle of horror. I felt dirty and abused. I refuse to answer questions about it, I refuse to hear assumptions about that. I also refuse to give details of where, what time, with whom, and why I was there and at that time. This changes nothing, he committed this attack because he wanted to, it was not by chance.

What I need is the strength of the collective, I need to see mobilizations and support. I will not allow fascist repression bring me down, I will stay a communist militant and an anti-fascist. This does nothing to hamper my actions and my determination to keep fighting.

So, yes, ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) and solidarity and support to all the victims of police violence.